WINE 'n' WEAVE - Weaving for Beginners Course

Sep 06 2018 18:30 - 20:30

Knitting Bee and Craft Shop, Sea View Road 42, LL29 8DG Colwyn Bay

This is a 12 week weaving course for beginners covering everything you need to know from getting started and building your own training loom to weaving in 3D and multimedia.

The lovely Sophia Ingham will be your instructor for the 12 weeks, starting on Thursday 6th September at 6.30pm and running each Thursday evening for 12 weeks, ending just in time for the Christmas festivities.

No expensive equipment is required for this course and you can turn up on the first night with nothing at all, as Sophia will show you how you can get started on a very small budget and give you hints, tips and advice to get you off on the right foot. There will also be opportunities to purchase materials and equipment from the shop or from Sophia during the course should you wish to.

By the end of the 12 week course, not only will you know how to weave on various types of loom and with a variety of materials, you will know which forms of weaving you prefer, and you will also have a better idea of what type of equipment you would like to invest in, if any. Best of all, you will have had a great time with lovely like-minded people. What's not to like?

Although drinking alcohol is not to be encouraged, nor is it obligatory, we do allow the bringing of a drink or two to the course for you to enjoy in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere.  For those who prefer not to drink alcohol, tea and coffee will be available.

Should the course registration numbers not reach the minimum requirement to run, your course fees will be fully refunded.


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