Wild Cocktail, Urban Foraging and G&T Master Class

Jul 18 2018 18:00 - 20:00

2 Rivington St, 2 Rivington St, EC2A 3DR London

This two and a half hour course with urban foraging expert James Grant and Longflint's co-founder James Law, takes you along part of Hackney's canal network and into Victoria Park. James G will show you some of the wonderful herbs, flowers and trees growing on your doorstep that can be used in a wide range of natural cocktails at home. And back at Longflint Bar on Rivington Street, James L will use the ingredients you've harvested to show you how to make a unique Hedgerow Indian Tonic Water as the base for your very own Wild Foraged G&T.

We start by making a simple syrup from the foraged botanicals that will impart the lovely bitter flavours you expect from a G&T. These could be tree barks or plants from the brassica family. The process of creating a hot infused simple syrup is one that can easily be recreated at home.

We'll then use a method for infusing alcohol that allows us to create a heady extract of the herbs and flowers we've picked in a fraction of the time it can take using traditional methods.

We'll then blend everything together with East London Liquor's London Dry Gin to create a unique G&T that is a showcase of the wonderful plants that grow wild in the heart of our capital.

If you've not heard of Longflint before, you'll find us in Bethnal Green making a beautiful range or Natural Botanical Handmade Craft Drinks. From our Cold Brewed Hibiscus Flower, Gin Tonic to our Grapefruit, Sour Cherry Mezcal Paloma our craft beer background drives us to create drinks that use slow, non-industrial processes to extract the maximum flavour we can from our raw ingredients.

The Details

IMPORTANT - the course starts in Victoria Park - please double check the details prior to the event - meeting point TBC.

Ticket Price includes: 90 min foraging session and 60 min Wild G&T master class. Each guest will receive one of Longflint's new British Hedgerow, Gin and Tonic drinks, as well as plenty of the Wild Foraged Gin and Tonic we make to drink.

This is a multi-venue event and there is a bus journey in between - please make sure you have a contactless debit card or Oyster card for the bus

Wear shoes that you would normally wear to the park and you'll be fine

Foraging Course

Not Available