WHO AM I???????

Jul 21 2017 18:00 - 20:00

Ena Salon, 5 Great Queen St, WC2B 5DG London

Return To Yourself with Gail Love Schock, coveted Spiritual Life Coach, Meditation Teacher and Inspirational Speaker.

Since becoming pregnant or a mum have you found that you have just LOST YOURSELF???? Do you ever wake up in the morning and think to yourself WHO THE F!CK AM I??? You have been sooooooo overwhelmed with motherhood you have forgot who you are, what you like, who your friends are???? The only music you listen to is whatever is on KISS fm and Justin Bieber seems to have the most intellectual lyrics and the most cultural thing you watch on TV is Love Island. WELL LIL LADY DO NOT WORRY YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!! Oh and let's not get started on confidence - as you lost that a bloody long time ago and cannot even remember what that is let alone how to say it!!

That is why we are hosting this evening event - with WINE!!!!!!!!!

Gail will share her go to teachings on reclaiming your confidence and self along with motherhood, how to utilise your woman craft and inner wisdom and how to tap into living radical contact with life.

She'll share her signature Quantum Wave Meditation, with easy to use take away tools you can take out your back pocket anywhere anytime.


I'm a coveted mind body healer, mentor and speaker. I go deeper than on demand spirituality and have spent the last 15 years developing bespoke systems for mind - body medicine. My mentorships, guided quantum meditation, salon's, retreats and 121's encourage radical contact with life. I will bin your BS and give the old stories their notice. Time to go. I want you to remember how to follow your inner joy, lean into self-love and reprogramme self concepts, living from a new perspective.

My work with freeing the voice has enabled countless individuals and organisations to speak and completely transform. I'll hold Sacred Space for immersive transformation and change.

Deemed a Lioness of Leadership for the Now Age; a contemporary transformative performer and a Goddess who draws her power from her Divine Feminine, she has walked through fire to become the teacher she is today.

To find out more visit gailschock.love or hang out with her on Instagram Gail_Loveschock.

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