White Heat 2007!

Dec 30 2014 22:00 - Dec 31 2014 04:00

The Lexington, 96-98 Pentonville Road, N1 9JB London

It's that time of year, the shit Tuesday night between Christmas and New Year, the time to revisit the crimes of our youth, that golden time known as 2007.

Thanks to the closure of Madame Jojo's it wont be happening at Madame Jojo's as we'd hoped, instead we're taking over the whole of the Lexington with an array of friends and familiar faces.

Here's the drill:

Room 1:

White Heat DJs Matty, Olly and Marcus

We're going back to 2007. No music from then until now. All music from Jesus till then. What this means is approximately:

Indie NOT Techno

Punk NOT Bass

Rock and Roll NOT Disco

(though we can still play that Donna Summer cover of Macarthur Park because we always used to)

In another revelation we'll be letting YOU have a say in what you want played. But not the Killers, except "Somebody Told Me" because we actually quite like that one and used to play it way back when.

Room 2:

Guest DJs from 2007 and before playing music from 2004 and before.

Think of this as the basement of Infinity

Punk, Garage Rock, Surf, Post-Punk, Rock and Roll and everything that comes with that.

We salvaged the drink deals from Madame Jojo's! £2.50 beer+vodka mixer all night!

Get your advance tickets or risk your luck on the door!

General Admission

Not Available