Wake up to Spring Retreat

Apr 14 2018 15:00 - 19:30

Mindspace London Whitechapel, 114 Whitechapel High St, E1 7PT London


Join us for an inspirational retreat to celebrate Spring at the Mindspace in Aldgate East (114 Whitechapel High St, London E1 7PT)! Nurture your body and mind with a yoga class, a sound healing session and, indulge in delicious organic raw food cooking class. Let's get ready to spring into the new season with renewed vigour and energy.

This retreat welcomes all levels of yoga practice.

We will enjoy a beautiful Yoga class with wonderful Carla Hobart, passionate Yogi and London based teacher. We will then refresh our minds and souls with a soothing Gong Immersion with Eloise Boneland terminate with a fun raw food cooking class with Lorena Loriato, a brilliant raw food trainer, chef & recipe developer.

3:00 pm: Arrival and welcome tea

3:15 pm: 75 minutes Vinyasa Flow into spring! Come out of hibernation and prepare for Spring in body and mind with this vinyasa flow class. Including twists to tone and awaken and a flowing sequence to refresh and prepare for the shift in seasons. It’s a wonderful time to cleanse and detoxify and a good opportunity to set new intentions for positive change in our lives.

4:30 pm: 60 minutes Sound Healing session to conclude this fantastic vinyasa flow. You will be transported into complete relaxation with the soothing sounds of a gong, which can act as a powerful short cut to deep meditation, relaxation, and mental clarity. Your experience of this session will depend on your own needs and energy of the moment and will be completely unique to you.

5:30 pm: Have fun and learn new techniques on how to prepare a delicious raw food dinner. Our raw food trainer and chef Lorena will teach us how to prepare 2 raw vegan recipes, one savoury and one sweet, which will drive your taste buds nuts. No fire involved, easy, quick, tasty recipes, just as nature intended. And beautiful, of course. because we start eating with our eyes, don't we. The class will be mostly demoed but anyone who is willing to get his/her hands "dirty" is more than welcome and will probably get an extra portion. Oh, and did we mention that raw food is super nutritious and will exponentially enhance the benefits of your yoga class?

Please be informed that we are going to use nuts in both recipes. However, no meat, dairy, poultry, fish, refined sugars and gluten are involved.

Prepare for your retreat

Some useful advice to make the most of your retreat:

  • Bring your own mat for the yoga class and a blanket for the gong bath
  • You'll be happiest if you truly give this time to yourself and ENJOY it!
  • Give yourself full permission to experience your emotions
  • Relax, share and connect


Carla Hobart: With a background in frenetic management roles in healthcare, Carla is passionate about yoga as the perfect way to grow stronger, more flexible and resilient, both on and off the mat. Carla has studied yoga for over 10 years, learning from an array of great teachers and a breadth of traditions.

Carla draws from various practices, and her knowledge of anatomy and physiology, to create friendly, relaxed and welcoming classes that will build strength, flexibility, and re-balance body and mind. Classes include technique and alignment cues for all levels, including beginners, and flowing sequences and variations that will still challenge more experienced practitioners.

Carla is a qualified pre and post-natal yoga teacher and loves to bring the unique benefits of yoga to help pregnant women cultivate awareness of the breath and strengthen the body in preparation for labour, as well as support new mothers in re-connecting with their own health and well-being.

Carla currently teaches classes in Brixton, Kennington and Crystal Palace as well as corporate and private sessions.

Eloise Bonel: Coming from a corporate background and transitioning into teaching Pilates and Sound Healing, Eloise knows how important it is to take care of the mind, body, and spirit. She has always felt a strong connection to music and sounds, and her first experience of gong meditation in 2015 set her on a path all over the world to discover more about the power of sound and instruments as meditative tools.

Specifically, sound can influence brainwave frequency, and when used in a certain way it can transport us into a more relaxed state of consciousness. These states of relaxation are essential to taking care of your nervous system in today’s fast paced society of mental overwhelm, anxiety, and being constantly “on”. However, meditation doesn’t come easily to most, and sound can act as a powerful short cut to these depths of relaxation as you lay back and let Eloise and her instruments do their work.

Eloise is passionate about sharing the wonderful gift of relaxation, and provides group sound immersions and also works individually with clients to reduce stress, release emotional blockages, and provide deep relaxation. While this work can be challenging, her approach is effervescent and encouraging, with an emphasis on acceptance and letting go.

Lorena Loriato: She loves the authenticity of raw food. Raw food found her at a time when she was questioning a lot of things in her life, from her job, to the people around her, to her life-long struggle with depression and eating disorders. It was love at first bite and from that moment of 7 years ago on, she's dedicated herself to learning and sharing the magic of a balanced plant-based lifestyle.

Lorena has worked in raw food restaurants in London, hosted supper clubs, participated in international corporate exhibitions and events and specialized in bespoke exclusive private classes. She was in charge of the opening and launch of the first raw food eatery in Kuwait in 2017.

Since January 2018, she's moved to Spain where she is working on her new project dedicated to helping women with food addictions. In the meantime, she travels regularly as a raw food trainer and consultant.

General Admission

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