Victory Day concert

May 06 2018 17:30 - 21:30

St Stephen's Church, Gloucester Rd, SW7 4RL London


Victory Day Concert

When: May 6th, 2018.

Entrance: from 17.30

Show starts: 18.00

Where: Stephen's Church, Gloucester Rd ( )

On Sunday, the 6th of May, in one of the most beautiful churches in London there will be a great concert in honour of Victory Day. The Nuovo Coro choir from Trieste and virtuoso singer Maria Veretenina will be here to commemorate the 73rd anniversary of our victory in the Great Patriotic war. The concert will also be attended by famous London artists, including Russian ballerina Maria Dunham. It should be noted that this year Nuovo Coro choir celebrates its 100th anniversary.

The concert is organized by The Russian heritage in Great Britain Committee.

The concert program will consist of two parts.

In the first part you will hear works by Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Glinka and other classical composers. Spiritual music will be performed in memory of those killed in world war II.

The second part of the concert will feature songs of the war years, loved by many since childhood.

About the performers:

Maria Veretenina has a unique voice as a coloratura soprano. She is a winner of many international competitions and has given more than 400 concerts in her varied career. Once Maria even sang for Prince Charles himself and for king Kigeli V of Rwanda – a representative of the Royal dynasty Abanyiginya, Maria considers her most important concert to have been her performance for Patriarch Kirill during his visit to the UK in October 2016, which marked 300 years since the foundation of The Russian Orthodox Church in England. Maria has performed in many European countries, including Sweden, Finland, Russia, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany and the UK. She has sung in the best concert halls of the world: in London, Cadogan Hall and the Royal College of Music, in Austria with theVienna Chamber Opera, Zaragoza Concert Hall in Spain and in Russia, the Great hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, Astrakhan State Philharmonic. She has of course, also performed with great success in all concert halls of her native city of Tallinn, including the theater "Estonia".

Chorus Nuovo Coro from the ancient Italian city of Trieste will arrive in England for only three days. The choir's repertoire consists of spiritual and popular music from different eras – from the Renaissance to the present day. Its first conductor was Sandro Norbedo. Since 2016, it has included Margarita Svarchevsky. The choir Nuovo Coro belongs to a club called the Circolo Fincantieri Wärtsilä (Trieste, Italy). The club was established in 1938. The main partners of the club are the Fincantieri company and Wärtsilä Italia company (50% partnership). The Club's activities cover many areas: culture, sports, photography, music, video, card games, etc.


В воскресенье, 6 мая, под сводами одной из красивейших церквей Лондона, состоится великолепный концерт, посвященный Дню Победы. Специально, чтобы поздравить всех с 73-ей годовщиной победы в Великой Отечественной войне, в Лондон приезжают хор Nuovo Coro из Триеста и виртуозная певица Мария Веретенина. В концерте также примут участие известные лондонские артисты, в том числе русская балерина Мария Данэм. Стоит отметить, что в этом году хору Nuovo Coro исполняется 100 лет.

Концерт организуется комитетом «Русское наследие в Великобритании».

Программа концерта будет состоять из двух частей.

В первой части вы сможете услышать произведения Рахманинова, Чайковского, Глинки и других классических композиторов. В память о погибших во II мировой войне будет исполняться духовная музыка.

Во второй части концерта прозвучат песни военных лет, полюбившиеся многим с самого детства.

Когда: 6 мая 2018г.

Вход: с 17.30

Начало концерта: 18.00

Где: St Stephen's Church, Gloucester Rd, London SW7 4RL ( )


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