Understanding the planning process in Nottingham

Nov 14 2019 13:00 - 17:00

Urban Room, 38 Carrington St, NG1 7FG Nottingham

Nottingham City Council has recently launched the Design Quality Framework (DQF: www.dqfnottingham.org.uk), which offers guidance and support to help achieve better design quality and to speed up the planning process.

The DQF implementation resulted in changes to the ways in which planning applications are processed, the ways in which different departments work together (highways, planning, heritage, etc.) and the type and level of support offered to designers through the various stages of the pre-application process.

This training session aims to offer architects/designers, developers and applicants an insight into how planning applications are dealt with, what are the timeframes and what is expected for each stage of the design process in terms of planning submission information.


13:00 Refreshments & registration

13:15 Introduction

13:30 Planning application process

14:00 Pre-application process - The true benefits of pre-app - How to get it right

15:00 Highways, statutory obligations and adoption

16:00 Practical tips for a speedy process - Tools and services available

16:30 Q&A

17:00 Session ends