UK KeyForge and L5R Grand Championships 2019

Feb 29 2020 08:00 - Mar 01 2020 21:00

Marshall Arena, Stadium Way W, MK1 1ST Milton Keynes

Grand Championships for Legend of the 5 Rings LCG and KeyForge as well as side events

Prizes will be given from the official FFG Grand Championships kits, with the 1st prize being a flight, and a seat for the next World Championships. NB. Flights are only covered if your game system reaches 50 players or more for the relevant Grand championship.

There are two ticket options: one £25 option for a standard ticket, and one £30 option which includes the ticket price and a goody-bag. Goody-bags contain some awesome extra bits to enhance your day.



3 Deck Archon Survival

Day 1: 7 or 8 swiss rounds depending on player count

Day 2: Anyone with at least 1 deck left by the end of the last round qualifies for Day 2. You will be locked into the deck which you played with in the last round (or the next deck in line if you lost the last round)

Time per round: 35mins, Final 50mins.

Legend of the Five Rings:

Day 1: 6 or 7 swiss rounds, depending in player count

Day 2: Top cut and final

Time per round: 65mins, Final 100mins.



Day 1: Registration 8am – 9am, Round one to start shortly after

Day 2: Registration 9am-9:30am, Round one to start shortly after

Legend of the Five Rings LCG:

Day 1: Registration 8am-9am, Round one to start shortly after

Day 2: Registration 8am-9am, Round one to start shortly after

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