Typography Life Drawing: 'Terrific Tuscans' - 3 CATCH UP EPISODES

Aug 16 2020 18:00
Aug 30 2020 20:00
Tickets GBP 6.00 - GBP 58.00
Tickets GBP 6.00 - GBP 58.00

Take part in 'Terrific Tuscans' episodes 1 to 3, first broadcast live in August 2020. Learn something new from the author of the bestselling 'Why Fonts Matter' while you draw. Get insider insights into the social history of typography and find out what letterforms reveal about cultural attitudes today.

IMPORTANT Recordings will be available until Sunday 30th August at midnight (BST)

What are Tuscan letters and when did they originate? Find out how the tools used to create them have shaped the different styles. Their origins are in ancient Rome, they were embraced in the decorative Victorian era and have travelled the world—each country putting its own unique spin on them. You can still see them around you today if you take a look around.

Episode 1: From Ancient Rome to the highly ornamental Victorians 
Episode 2: Wood type in America and surprising mash-ups of styles
Episode 3: The British Empire & tuscan letters in India

Would you like to feel confident and excited about typography? Get creative learning about typefaces with quick and fun sketching exercises in this new and exciting series. Listen to the backstories and discover the amazing history behind the styles. Each week can be enjoyed on its own or as part of the whole series.

Find out about the whole Typography Life Drawing series here


Work shown here by Kat Gaska, Jenny Monds and @stonkingfidosetc.

Visit the gallery of drawings here https://www.typetasting.com/type-life-drawing-gallery


The three live sessions were broadcast live on Zoom You now have access to the recordings of sessions so you can choose the time that suits you best, wherever you are in the world.

If you enjoy the sessions, please support the continuation of this series by encouraging your friends and colleagues to buy tickets for future sessions here.

“I signed up for the first Typography Life Drawing session because it sounded interesting and I fancied a bit of sketching. Sarah packs so much information into these fun, bite sized sessions—visual images, sounds, history and further resources; it was way more inspiring than I expected. After every class I’m buzzing with enthusiasm and lots of new ideas!” Kat Gaska

“I was curious about typography but wasn’t sure where to start in learning more. This playful, fast-moving online series was the perfect introduction to some key ideas in the history, use and appreciation of type. Thanks Sarah for your infectious enthusiasm and fun approach to teaching.” Gabby Hoad


• Discover the excitement and beauty of typography 
• Cure “font phobia”
• Get creative and messy as you develop your own sketching style 
• Break out of your typographic comfort zone 
• Discover how drawing letterforms helps you to understand typography 
• Feel inspired by the history of typography 
• Find out why there are so many different type styles 
• See how typefaces reflect social attitudes and cultural change 
• Get hands on with some really beautiful letterforms


In each session I’ll introduce the typeface, style or moment in time to be explored. You’ll be set short sketching exercises so you can explore the shapes of the letterforms and learn about their shapes. As you draw, you’ll be told the stories behind the type—the history, how it developed or why the style’s relevant today.

*How you can support the series

This is a new initiative because I can’t run in-person workshops due to Covid-19.

I need your help to get lots of people to take part so I can keep the price at this level and for the series to continue. If you enjoy the sessions, please support this initiative by encouraging your friends and colleagues to buy subscriptions. Your links should not be shared with others, they are unique to you.

If you would like me to run private sessions for your group or organisation please get in touch with me here.

Tools, paper & setup

Here are some of the mark-making tools you could use. For the full list of tools, paper and setup suggestions click here.


Click here to go to the gallery of images

Typography life drawing is created by Sarah Hyndman

I’m the author of the bestselling book ‘Why Fonts Matter’ and ‘How to Draw Type and Influence People’. I was awarded an MA in Typo/Graphics (distinction) from the London College of Communication (University of the Arts London) and have taught workshops for a wide range of organisations from corporates to educational establishments.

Teaching experience

Taught the yearlong Experimental Typography CMP course at the London College of Communication (University of the Arts London) for six years.

Delivered bespoke workshops for D&AD, I’m also a judge for their New Blood and professional awards.

Created a week-long typography course for students at Ecole Intuit Lab, Mumbai, India. I’m running new online sessions with them later in 2020.

A guest tutor for colleges both in the UK and abroad. These include Birmingham City University, California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), Portland State University, RMIT Melbourne, Shillington London, Stevenson University USA, University of the Arts London and VIA University College Denmark.

Creator of mass participation creative events. These have taken place for Design Thinkers Toronto, Pick Me Up at Somerset House, the Victoria and Albert Museum, We Love Graphic Design in Copenhagen and Wellcome.

Visit the main event page

Photo of Sarah by Ivan Jones, large photo below by Jessica Morgan.

    Profile picture
    Sarah Hyndman on the typography of everyday things

    Sarah Hyndman demystifies the amazing world of typography. She is the author of ‘Why Fonts Matter’. She is a TEDx speaker, a regular on radio (BBC Radio 4’s 'Word of Mouth' with Michael Rosen, 'Saturday Live', 'Today'.) and TV (Channel 4's 'Sunday Brunch'). Sarah is a multisensory typography expert and collaborates on studies with Professor Charles Spence of the University of Oxford.

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    Typography Life Drawing: 'Terrific Tuscans' - 3 CATCH UP EPISODES

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