TXOTX by Adam Rawson

Feb 27 2016 12:30 - 14:30

Newman Arms, 23 Rathbone St, W1T 1NG London

After leaving Pachamama Restaurant I was keen to get back to cooking different types of cuisine so I decided a trip to San Sebastian in the Basque country was a great place to start! Having eaten my way around for 10 days I thought it'd be a waste not to share my experience and by doing so I've created a blind tasting Menu for lunch (6 courses plus snacks) and for dinner (10 courses plus snacks) on the 20th february and 27th February to give you an idea I'll be using all the best produce I collected and sourced from the basque country, including 9 year old Aged ex dairy cow, octopus, iadazabal cheese, organic txakoli and farmhouse cider.... You'll all get a glass of wine or cider on arrival and I've selected a few amazing local wines, cider, digestif and a cocktail for you to choose from..

I'm trying to showcase amazing produce with a little twist in my fellow YBF winner Matt Chattfields new pub the Newman Arms...

See you soon

Txotx (cheers)

lunch 20th 12:30pm Not Available
lunch 20th 2:00pm Not Available
dinner 20th 19:00 pm Not Available
dinner 20th 21:00pm Not Available
lunch 27th 12:30pm Not Available
lunch 27th 2:00pm Not Available
dinner 27th 19:00pm Not Available
dinner 27th 21:00pm Not Available