Trestle Records - Independent Venue Week - Adam Coney, Ross Downes & Tout

Feb 03 2018 19:30 - 23:00

Aces and Eights Saloon Bar, 156-158 Fortess Rd, NW5 2HP London

Trestle Records is a artist run record label dedicated to new instrumental music in all its guises and home to the one day band sessions

Trestle Records Presents as part of the Independent Venue Week 2018

Ross Downes

Ross Downes is a London based artist and musician. Using guitar and synthesisers his focus of late has been upon atmospheric electro works. Finding a medium between experimentation and melodic tunes Downes draws upon ambient, kraut, minimalist and soundtrack influences. The recordings range from delicate guitar pieces to dissonant experimental soundscapes. He is also active in a number of other collaborative projects.


Making highly atmospheric instrumentals, the interweaving guitars are accompanied by drums and viola in the creation of cinematic soundscapes. Suggestive of open terrain and movement through far flung landscapes the country-tinged melodies combine folk-country inflection with post-rock structuring.

'A band attuning folk roots into a slow and languishing type of post-rock, they end up making melodramatic lounge music, the kind that’s only a bar closing time away from being "Wicked Game" ' Norman Records

Adam Coney

Adam Coney is guitarist with a keen sense of production aesthetic and progressive sensibilities. Stylistically his work draws comparisons to The Durutti Column, Jim O'Rourke and John Zorn. In 2014 he released 'The Fall Of The Flamingo Gardens' on Trestle Records. Associated acts include Acland & Sydney, Noon, City Shepherd, Morviscous, Adam Coney + Jonny Fryer

'the product of singular fascinations that cohere into something remarkably persuasive' - The Wire

'a deep exploration of guitar timbres' A Closer Listen

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