Toes, Elbows, Knees and Throws - Hula Hoop Workshop

Mar 06 2018 19:00 - 21:00

Centrespace, 6 Leonard Ln, BS1 1EA Bristol

A hula hoop workshop for intermediates! Come and explore a variety of different tricks and variations within these four main areas!

Toes- So by toes I mean feet!...Learn a variety of different ways and impressive positions to hoop on your feet, As well as different ways to enter/start foot hooping.

Elbows- A world of tricks to unlock here from elbow passes to chest roll to elbow variations!

Knees- two knees to one! Learn how to hoop on one leg with variations of this and how to get that pesky leg back in again!

Throws- The world of throws is vast and versatile! From the pizza toss to flicks using the feet and catching it the hands! :O

This workshop is part of The Circus Extravaganza, a week of circus by Lavrak Circus. Make sure you have a look to see what other exciting things we have in store.

General Admission

Not Available