Tints of Resilience Art Exhibition

Aug 18 2018 12:00 - Sep 06 2018 16:00

P21 Gallery, 21-27 Chalton Street, NW1 1JD London

Tints of Resilience is a collective exhibition curated by Rania Mneimneh. Bringing together the works of eleven international artists in a rich tapestry of visual artworks, photography, poetry and film, the exhibition explores the potential of art in developing resilience in zones of conflict.

Eleven artists, currently or previously living in the Middle East, share their experiences in art-making and using art to cope with war, asylum, injury and search for identity. They present both individual explorations and artistic collaborations with refugee children, social workers, and art therapists.

Visitors are invited to join the artists in vibrant aesthetic moments where art making provides the opportunity to address conflict and alienation through the unfolding of multiple narratives, where art can make meaning through empowerment.

We look forward to meeting you at the gallery. The exhibition will take place from August 16 to September 6 2018 at P21 Gallery London.

OPENING HOURS | Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 12:00hr-18:00hr, Wednesday 12:00hr-20:00hr, Saturday 12:00hr-16:00hr

Anas Albraehe
"The Neighbour of The Moon" is a collection proposing a visual confrontation with difficult memories & emotions triggered by the death of the artist’s mother.

Ayman Nahleh
"The Exceptional Moon" is a 10 min film presenting a parallel narrative between fiction and reality where the destiny of two little girls intertwine.

Diala Brisly
"Survival Mode" is a collection showing the hidden turmoils of the artist’s survival mode from war to migration and integration.

Dima Nachawi
"Safia's Sea" is a series of illustration depicting Safia's Sea, a story written by Zeina Kanawati.

Ghaleb Hawila
"Migrating Letters”is a collaborative artwork between the artist and children refugees where art & play intermix in beautiful splashes of paint & poetic calligraphic verses.

Ghassan Ismail
"The Lost and the Un-lost" is a collection combing painting and calligraphy, inspired by the artist, and his family abrupt displacement from Syria to Lebanon

Margaux Chalançon
"Zoubeyda's world" is a film photography collection read as a visual testimony to the individuality and uniqueness of Zoubeyda’s world in a refugee camp in Bekaa, North Lebanon.

“Migrating Letters” is a 5min documentary presenting the collaboration between artist Ghaleb Hawila and the children at the camp.

Nour Huda
“(Dis)Obey” is a series of painting depicting the artist’s internal conflict in the light of burdening social and cultural norms and presenting through visual expression a challenging language to layered & fixed ideologies.

Youssef Doughan
“Wall of Dreams” is a digital photography collection celebrating the collaboration between artist Diala Brisly and children refugees on painting the school tent mural.

Zeina Kanawati
"Safia's Sea" is a fictional story about a little girl living in a small cottage with her owl, not able to hear or talk. The events of the story accelerates upon the start of the war in her village.

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