Three Trees - OAK part 2

Feb 16 2020 14:30 - 16:30

Victoria Park Community Centre - Peabody, 5 Gore Rd, E9 7HR London

In this second in a series of three drawing workshops, we'll be studying an oak tree in Victoria Park and making a drawing implement from its twigs.  In the previous session we made ink from the tree so we'll be using this and the stick/pen/pencil you make to draw the oak.  The three sessions will give everyone a chance to see how a tree changes over time and also to experiment with different mark-making materials and to loosen their drawing approach up.  We often get nervous about our drawings looking right but when you use different materials from the usual pencil or pen, it frees us up to observe more deeply - and play. 

Kate Poland leads the workshops.  She founded Cordwainers Garden and Cordwainers Grow and is a trained print-maker but has returned to simple mark-making and drawing to observe nature and feel good!