Three Trees - OAK Part 1

Feb 09 2020 14:30 - 17:00

Victoria Park Community Centre - Peabody, 5 Gore Rd, E9 7HR London

In this first in a series of three workshops focusing on an oak tree, we will be making natural ink from the tree itself and then drawing the tree with the ink. Over the three weekly sessions we will study a particular oak tree in Victoria Park, looking at the way it is changing as the season moves on.  We will be using oak galls (a growth caused by a parasitic wasp that burrows into acorns) to make ink and then will study the tree by doing some drawing exercises and spending time on a longer drawing.  In the second workshop we will make drawing sticks from oak and in the final workshop we will draw or paint with the sticks and ink (or pencil if you prefer) but will spend time on the tree you will have got to know quite well.

The class is led by Kate Poland an artist-gardener and co-founder of Cordwainers Grow.  She studied printmaking but got diverted by Nature to the more immediate medium of drawing en plein air. 

All materials included but bring paper and pencils along if you want.