Thom Ashworth / Matt Quinn & Owen Woods

Feb 01 2020 19:30 - 23:00

Gill Nethercott Centre, Winchester St, RG28 7HP Whitchurch

It's a double header!

We've seen Matt Quinn at Whitchurch Folk Club before, performing as part of The Dovetail Trio. With Owen Woods he forms part of a concertina and melodeon duo, performing traditional and contemporary dance tunes from around the world. Having been part of the short lived melodeon quartet Boxtet, they both wanted to continue working together. With Matt changing from melodeon to his duet concertina, they create an infectious sound, performing traditional and contemporary dance tunes from around Europe and Canada.

An acoustic bass guitar may not seem like an obvious choice as an accompaniment instrument, but Thom Ashworth shows that this distinctive instrumental voice can find a home in folk music, and that 4 strings are enough to delve into the canon of British folk music. Equal parts interpreter of traditional song and insightful political songwriter, the press has repeatedly compared him to Martin Carthy, Chris Wood, and Billy Bragg. This selection of luminaries doesn't tell the whole story though - from the sparse lament of The City and The Tower to his muscular arrangement of High Germany, Thom's inventive musicality and powerful tenor voice shine through.