Jun 04 2016 11:00 - 21:00

Bodywork Company Dance Studios, 25-29 Glisson Rd, CB1 2HA Cambridge

On Sat 4 June, Cambridge will see something it's never seen before: the inaugural 'Thirstyfest' is coming to town. The reprobates and bon viveurs from Thirsty on Chesterton Road will be swinging south of the river to bring their special brand of fun, drinks, music, art and street food to the whole of Cambridge.

We're pitching up at the Bodywork Dance Studio near the station with dozens of producers (wine, beer, gin, ...) and thousands of bottles to make your day go with a bang. We'll have wine producers flying in from across Europe and beer and spirits producers from across the UK. Maybe even someone from Scotland - we're that cosmopolitan.

Taste with them, decide what you like best, then head downstairs and make a bee-line for one of our two bars. We'll have tables and seating for up to 200 people - think of Oktoberfest and you've got the idea. Minus the vomiting tourists, of course.

It's not just about the booze, though. We'll have some of our street food chums lined up out front - Steak and Honour, Holy Schnitzels and a few more besides. There will be live music throughout the day. And we'll be featuring artwork from local artists.

A ticket includes:

  • Free tastings with up to 12 producers of wine, beer or spirits
  • Free Govino glass
  • 10% off any wine, beer or spirits you purchase on the day to take home (or for collection/delivery)

Special deals available for group bookings (including free tickets for group organisers)! Contact us for more details,

Keep an eye out for confirmed brewers and producers at and


We’ve been asked about kids: are they welcome at Thirstyfest?

The answer is yes and they can come for free, but to the daytime session only and in the sit-down eating area only (not in the tasting rooms). We will be running some fun competitions for kids during the day, but please note we are not running a babysitting service. And please bribe them with ice cream to be on v best behaviour…

Trade and press

Please contact Sam Owens on if you are a member of the press or if you purchase drinks for your business.


Should we manage to make any profits, we will donate 20% to local charities and organisations. It might sound a bit fluffy, but we see Thirstyfest as a great opportunity for the community of Cambridge to get together for a jolly good knees-up. It's only right that we give a little something back to the community in turn.

See you on 4 June...

Session 1 (1100 - 1530)

Not Available

Session 2 (1630 - 2100)

Not Available