The Wilsons

Nov 25 2017 19:30 - 23:00

Longparish Village Hall, Longparish, SP11 6PB Andover

By popular demand, the LCA is bringing the Wilsons back to Longparish.

Described by some as playing “very British Americana”, songwriter Iain Watson writes about the mythical side of the old west: songs of death, destruction, revenge, cannibalism, the gold rush, and gunfights. Songs inspired by the westerns he watched as a child with his granddad, and then pushed a bit further… We had great fun when they played here a couple of years ago.

Tickets for the event cost £7.50.

There will be a bar serving beers, cider and soft drinks. Either bring your own food, or pre-order (on or before Tues Nov 21) from the following either purchasing here online or by contacting Fiona Gould (

KFC - Burrito (chicken breast fillet with spicy rice, bean salsa, cheese, fresh lettuce and Chipotle mayonnaise, all wrapped in a lightly toasted tortilla.) Options Spicy or standard.

KFC - Box meal (Chicken burger in a bun, 2 spicy chicken wings (or 1 drumstick for non-spicy box option) , Fries, Corn on cob. Options Spicy or standard.

The hall and bar will be open from 7:30pm, with pre-ordered food being served around 7:45pm.

The band will start playing at 8:30pm.

General Admission

Not Available

KF -Burrito - Standard

Not Available

KFC Burrito - SPICY!

Not Available

KFC Box Meal - Standard

Not Available


Not Available