The Summer Session

Jul 04 2018 19:00 - 21:15

The Dead Dolls House Islington, 181 Upper St, N1 1RQ London

We're back for a dose of summer inspiration, information and a dash of gin.

As ever, we'll be covering a mix of topics, all chosen to boost our collective savvy and spark some much-needed conversation.

From personal money management to building your professional resilience to the whys and how of more women in the creative industries, we'll be covering it all in our summer session.

The Smart Money Moves - Lisa, aka, Miss Lolly, Financial Advisor

Want to manage your money better but not sure where to start? Tired of that flat/holiday/wedding/childcare plan being out of reach? Miss Lolly is on it. In this talk, Lisa will cover the 'Smart Money Moves', namely money management to get on the property ladder, the steps to take now to be in control of your retirement and how much cash is actually king in today's money market. Lisa will also be taking questions so get em ready!

The Lost Girls - Kat Ellis, Head of Planning at McCann Bristol

Lots of people lament the lack of women in creative senior roles within the advertising industry, fewer get to interrogating it. And that's exactly what Kat has done with her recent research which she brings to us. Only 30% of all advertising creatives are female, dropping to 11% of creative directors. To help address this, Kat conducted research into the disparity between the number of women studying creative advertising, art and design, and those that actually end up working in the creative departments of advertising agencies. Her research tackles why up to half of qualified female talent is lost between education and a first permanent creative role. She also provides recommendations for how the advertising industry can work together with education to raise awareness of this problem and help female students better prepare for entry to industry.

Building resilience in you and your organisation - Johanna Hooper, People & Talent, PA Consulting

We work long. We work hard. And we change it up as we go. So resilience is key. But it doesn't always come naturally. Johanna specialises in resilience training so join us for her top tips and to understand why resilience can be so important for our personal and professional lives.

As ever, tickets include a cocktail and canapés.

See you there!

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