The Stargazer Society Samhain Shindig

Oct 28 2017 18:00 - 23:00

The Glade, Craft Ed Car Park, TQ9 Dartington

It's been too long since we gathered in the woods for a we're doing it again before it gets too cold! You're invited to to celebrate the launch of our new events and learning space we've named 'The Glade'.

This is one of the first opportunities to see the manifestation of what we have been working on since our last gathering in the woods, and we will be keeping it a fairly intimate affair for this first event, to minimise the impact on the space, as we get used to our new book your ticket now, as they are limited.

All money raised from sales will go towards supporting our larger aim of vitalising local Woodland Culture.

PARKING: From 6pm, head to Craft Ed Car Park at Schumacher College to park. Stewards will be on site to show you where to go. Please leave your car at home if you're able, or share where possible.

FILMS: Films will be shown in 2 sessions the first will begin at 7:30, the second at 8:30. The films this Stargazer will reflect it's nearly Samhain/All hallows Eve, the second session of films contain a few scenes of scary stuff.

FOOD AND DRINK: We'll be serving pie, mash and gravy (veggie and meat) from around 6:30pm. We'll have a well stocked bar (considering we're in the woods) open from 6pm.

WEATHER: Our new site is designed to be for all weather use, but please make sure you wear many layers of clothing! We also welcome you to bring blankets, hot water bottles etc. Finally, incase you walk off the lit path, please bring a torch.

Please do get in touch with any questions, and we'll see you in the woods very soon!

Trees and love x

General Admission

Not Available