The Parliament for kids (in English)

Jun 23 2018 13:45 - 15:30

Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, SW1A 0PW London

"Museum cat" would like to invite you to The Parliament tour - this time in English.

This tour tells the story of the Parliament and it's iconic home, the Palace of Westminster.

The British Parliament represents all the people of this country and makes laws that affect all of us. But parliament today is very different from how it all began over 700 years ago. Over the years Parliament evolved, and crucially it is still changing. It is up to the younger generation to determine the direction it, and indeed the democracy it heads, will go next. The aim of this tour is to help children understand how parliament works and get them engaged with the work of this building.

The tour is interactive, and while your guide will be telling you the story of parliament, the tour invites kids to get thinking about some of the most important questions such as:

What is democracy?

What is a political party?

Why are there so many political parties?

What is the House of Commons?

What is the House of Lords?

How are laws made?

What is the role of the Prime Minister?

What is the role of the Queen?

What happens at an election?

and most importantly:

How can I get involved?

During the tour you will be able to visit House of Commons and stand by the despatch box, where Prime Minister makes her speaches! You will be able to see the throne where the Queen sits when she comes to parliament. There will be a chance to stand in Central Lobby - the grand room right in the centre of the Palace where BBC news reporters interview Members of Parliament (MPs). Along with these well recognized places the tour will take you to one of the division lobbies - the place where MPs vote on new laws. You will also have a chance to see the great hall, built by the son of William the Conqueror, where the infamous Guy Faulks was tried for his failed attempt to blow up parliament, and where countless Prime Ministers, Presidents, Kings and Queens have spoken to the nation and the world!

We will be glad to see you!

The ticket includes the english tour guide and the parliament ticket itself.

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