The Med Syndicate Annual Meeting & Spanish Property Investor Liaison Group

Nanpantan Road , LE11 3YD Loughborough
Jun 21 2020 12:00 - 16:00
Tickets Free
Tickets Free

The Med Syndicate's annual investor members casual meeting and visiting potential new investor members engagement question and answer liaison session is held annually in June each year. The event enables potentially interested new investors to meet the syndicates current membership in order to better understand and learn about what the syndicate is all about. How it operates and acquires Spanish investment property generating rental incomes for its members, utilising its unique acquisition model which benefits all stakeholders involved in the investment property (IP) purchase process.

So if you are interested in investing in Spanish Costa property share ownership and realising annual rental income returns whilst watching your equity ownership shares of IP's grow in value, then pop along and meet the investor membership team, who's ages range from 24 to 65. Engage with the membership, pose your questions in an informal and social setting over Sunday lunch and drinks. Listen to the existing membership tell you how they find the syndicate and why it works for them, explaining why they recommend you should consider joining the syndicate member team. Discover how becoming a member with no subscription fees, whereby every penny you invest goes directly into the purchasing of IP's and getting them rental operational benefits you and all the membership. So come along and learn about our investment pooling ad/venture. The syndicate currently has 10 investor members with 2 pending and has acquired 9 IP's to date since Jan 2016 on behalf of the share owning membership.

Our annual syndicate member casual meeting is all about bringing the investor member team together to enjoy a social Sunday lunch event to talk about the plus's  and minus's of the previous 12 months and the investment and rental income generation plans going forward. Along with providing an opportunity for the public and any potential investors who may be interested in joining the syndicate team and freely connect face to face with the membership, pose any questions and take on board any syndicate member recommendations. The minimum investment in an IP to take up membership is £2000.

The next Med Syndicate annual casual meeting is Sunday 21 June 2020 at the Priory Pub & Kitchen. For further details send an email to or telephone Tracy the TMS Manager on +447792629441.

We look forward to seeing you there and are sure you will be inspired and enthused by what you discover. Family members welcome. My own teenage children will be present.

Kind Regards


TMS Manager

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The Med Syndicate Annual Meeting & Spanish Property Investor Liaison Group

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