The Fundamentals of Yoga Outreach

Sep 26 2020 18:00 - Sep 27 2020 20:00

Are you interested in teaching yoga to underserved groups, out-with a regular studio setting? Join us for an online version of our training on ‘The Fundamentals of Yoga Outreach’ this autumn. 

Live sessions will take place on Saturday the 19th September and Sunday the 20th September. Eight live hours in four blocks as below.

Saturday (4.5hrs) 10-1 and 3-4.30 pm 

Sunday (3.5) 10-12.30 and 2.30-3.30

Plus, approximately 4 hours of pre course lectures and practices which we will ask you to access prior to attending the live weekend. 

Price £150

We are offering three discounted places to account for the systematic injustice that statistically places certain groups in a lower income bracket. One for anyone who has a genuine desire to teach in underserved communities and is unable to afford the training at full price, one from anyone from Black or Minority ethnic background and one for anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+

Please contact us for more details 

Course outline 

This twelve-hour workshop aims to equip you with the skills and expertise that can support you to offer your teaching within outreach settings. Over the weekend we will share practice together, learn from each other and have plenty of time for group discussion.  We will also discuss some of the practicalities, ethics and challenges of working in the community and we will demonstrate practical tools to enable you to begin to build the skills necessary to offer safe, authentic yoga classes which aim meet the needs of your chosen client group.

We will highlight the importance of understanding the neuroscience and physiology of the stress response. You will learn how yoga works to establish a healthy nervous system and brain and why this is valuable information for anyone wishing to teach yoga in an outreach setting. We will link this to yoga philosophy and the wider conversations around power dynamics and student teacher relationships. 

In order to reduce the amount of time spent on online learning platforms and to give you as much flexibility as possible we will be sending some self-directed learning for you to complete in advance of the weekend which will include online lectures and led practice. 

Please note this workshop will not be focused on teaching specific asana or on training yoga teachers in a particular style of yoga.  Our wish is that you can apply the principles you learn with us to your individual teaching style and have the confidence to reach out to groups of people who might not attend a general yoga class.

Whilst this yoga course is designed for yoga teachers, those with a regular yoga practice who work in community settings are very welcome to attend. 


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