The Creative Woodford Workspace

Jul 17 2018 10:00 - 15:00

114 West Grove, IG8 7NP London

Would you like to work in an environment that allowed you to enjoy your work and inspire new ideas?

A place where you can create positive relationships for personal and entrepreneurial growth?

Would you like guidance in moving your business forward and/or creating a new business idea?

Welcome to The Creative Woodford Workspace! Here you will be able to bring your work into a friendly and motivating environment. This day is dedicated to help you grow and develop your business, ideas and health with optional workshops, movement/yoga and organic food.

Join us on Tuesday 17th July with both Abi Adams (movement coach & Holistic Therapist) and India Majury (Health Kinesiologist), at an open house event in Woodford, East London. This magical day is catered for your entrepreneurial needs.

The doors will be open between 10am and 3pm. With a productive work space for laptops, wifi, inspirational chat and/or quiet space available.

Whatever your work, artist, builder, dentist, health practitioner, bring it to the Creative Woodford Workspace and get inspired.

B.I.G.S Package

Not Available

Health Kinesiology

Not Available

Mind Body Bath

Not Available

Coffee & WIFI

Not Available

Coffee, WIFI, Breakfast

Not Available

Coffee, WIFI, Lunch

Not Available

Yoga/Movement Class

Not Available