The Comedy Wire - Edinburgh Previews

May 25 2018 20:00 - 22:00

Druids Head, 3 Market Place, KT1 1JT Kingston upon Thames

Summer is almost upon us and its the time of year when comedians all over the UK are panic writing, booking previews, buying train tickets and doing all the other prep they need to do before the Edinburgh Fringe starts.

Each year at The Comedy Wire, we preview two shows that will be occurring at the Fringe this year and we are excited to announce those two shows are below:

Ryan Dalton & Esther Manito: ANGRY FACE EMOJI

Join Ryan Dalton, and Esther Manito as they take you on a whirlwind tour of why exactly they are so angry at the world around them, and challenge the audience with the idea that NOTHING MAKES SENSE anymore, does it?


After an eventful year, Evelyn is feeling the paradigm shift and trying to figure out her place in this brave new world. In this much-anticipated second hour, the sharp-witted comedian explores her own agency, the third-culture-kid-experience, weight loss and what this shift may mean for her as a woman of colour.

Grab your tickets to a very special show at The Comedy Wire!

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