The Climate Majority

May 09 2018 11:30 - 12:30

The Wheatsheaf, 2 Upper Tooting Rd, SW17 7PG London


*not about parenting

Babble Talks are brain-quenching events for the sleep-deprived new parent. Guest speakers present interesting topics in an informal setting. Bring your baby and meet other new parents! Parents, partners and friends are welcome too.

Tickets available on the door for £10! (Cash only, please.)

The Climate Majority
Does climate change matter? And if it does, why is the world doing so little about it and what could change that? Father of 10-month-old Soren, Leo Barasi will talk about what climate change means for us and our children, why governments so often ignore it and what might make the world start to take it more seriously. Climate change is a growing threat but it's not too late for the world to stop it becoming dangerous if it starts doing more to deal with the problem.

Leo Barasi is an expert in public opinion, campaigns and climate change policy. He has worked with political candidates, charities, campaigns and private companies, to help them understand and shape public opinion, and is a regular writer and commentator on politics and climate change. His new book, "The Climate Majority", is about how climate apathy could stop the world dealing with global warming, and what could generate action instead.

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