The Bleeding Obvious

Nov 19 2016 19:00 - 22:30

Unity Works, Westgate, WF1 1EP Wakefield

“A rabbit-hole of genres” is just one of the phrases used to describe the music of The Bleeding Obvious: the monicker of Yorkshire lass Jessica Rowbottom, whose new album encompasses everything from pounding electronic club beats to orchestral soundscapes and soulful funk-pop. Collaborating with singers and musicians she’s met along the way the music is emotional, reflective, joyful, frequently dark, almost autobiographical in places. She’ll be joined on stage by guest performers for this one-off gig, together with an exhibition of artwork from the project.

Berlyn Trilogy is a Modern Synthpop band using a range of classic hardware synthesizers and clear vocals, propelled along by pounding rhythmical drum machines and a bass guitar. We are retro-futurist romantics with classic electronic structure and a darkly exciting edge.

Local favourite Scott opens with his back woods blues mysticism, folk epiphanies, gospel hollers, soothing spirituals, hip hop invention, all blended into a bizarre new sound which is best described as 'Rural Underground Music’.

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