The Art of Deconditioning Workshop in Hammersmith, London

Aug 24 2019 18:00 - Aug 27 2019 16:33

craig Johnson, Iffley Road Hammersmith London, W6 0PA Hammersmith

Chandra Polyák is an international rebirthing, tantra, mystical dance, and yoga teacher having a special way of teaching with a powerful meditation. Our central theme of a program is to re-awaken from patterns of social, cultural, environmental conditioning, explore and reconnect to ourselves as loving, sensitive, unique individual. We are conducting the art of deconditioning workshop in London from 24 August to 27 August 2018.

Participants can expect the following Benefits from our worksops:

More awareness of one’s own thoughts

More understanding of interpersonal dynamics

Getting in touch with the Witness within

De-stress, unblock emotional energy, reversed negative patterns

Secrets for mastering the mind and the skillful use of affirmations in practice

Greater empathy with others and more compassion with oneself

Practices for spiritual purification, including the first practices with fire.


Iffley Road



W6 0PA

United Kingdom