The Advanced Email Conference

Nov 12 2019 08:30 - 17:30

Amba Hotel Marble Arch, Bryanston St, W1H 7EH London

1 Day. 31 Cross-Sector In-House Email Innovators Reveal Advanced, Integrated, Customer-Focused Email Marketing For Engaging Content, Campaigns & Journeys!

Advanced, Integrated, Customer-Focused Email Marketing For Engaging Content, Campaigns & Journeys: Fresh Ways To Power Your Email Marketing, Cut Through, Stand Out & Add To The Bottom Line! Compelling Content, Next-Level Personalisation, Seamless Multi-Channel Integration, Meaningful Data & Targeting, Fresh Automation & AI Technology, New Tools & Tech Advances, Customer-Centric Email, Measurable Results, Increased Deliverability Rates, Future Focus & More. Dinathe Van Velzen (Product Owner)

2. Uber: Aline Miotto Leles (EMEA CRM Marketing Manager)

3. New Look: Marie-Louise Lord (Senior CRM Manager)

4. Co-op Funeral and Life Planning: Rob Savin (Head of Digital Marketing)

5. Virgin Holidays: Chris Insall (Customer Communications Manager)

6. Mothercare: Donna Storey (Global Digital and UK Marketing Director)

7. Fidelity International: Simone Vincent (Head of Email Marketing)

8. Discover the World: Nichol Callaghan (Head of Digital Marketing)

9. News UK: Charlotte Pike (Head of CRM -- The Sun)

10. Canon Europe: Beth Simpson (CRM and Data Analytics Senior Manager)

11. Transport for London: Onajomo Aggreh (Digital Communications Manager)

12. Ideal Shopping Direct: Emma Stebbing (CRM and Loyalty Manager)

13. Time Out Group: Nicola Barnett (Director of CRM and Merchandising)

14. Aberdeen Standard Investments: Richard Smith (Digital Delivery Manager)

15. SSE plc: David Walker (Head of Integrated Communications Planning)

16. The Post Office: Grant Baillie (Head of Customer Marketing)

17. Alice Connell (Director of Email Deliverability)

18. University of Cambridge: Ashley Coidan (Head of Web and Email Communications)

19. Pure Gym LTD: Ish Rai (CRM Marketing Manager)

20. Met Office: Dave Britton (Head of Marketing and Communications)

21. Hertz: Benjamin Toca (CRM and Loyalty International -- Manager)

22. Philip Morris Limited: Yana Stashkevich (Loyalty Manager)

23. Jagex: Agatha Bejan (Head of CRM)

24. LSE Retail Group Ltd: Simon Haughton (Marketing Director)

25. Hearst Magazines: Seema Kumari (Digital Marketing and CRM Director)

26. Addison Lee: Matt Baker (Head of CRM Technology Services and Customer Product)

27. Selligent

28. Uber: Elsa Pollard (EMEA CRM Lead)

29. Liveclicker: Dave Holland (Regional Director)

30. Just Eat: Marie Feliho (Head of CRM)

31. PaddyPower Betfair: Eugene Telnov (CRM Projects Manager)

Power Your Email Marketing With Advanced Strategies To Cut Through, Stand Out & Add To The Bottom Line! Europe's Leading Brands Reveal How To Craft Advanced, Integrated, Customer-Focused Email Marketing For Engaging Content, Campaigns & Journeys At The 9th Annual Advanced Email Conference!

Compelling, Relevant & Innovative Content: Boost interactivity with exciting, dynamic content that engages and retains customers for increased sales

Keep It Personal! Fresh, innovative ideas to leverage maximum-impact and data-led personalisation strategies for ultimate customer engagement

Create Stand-Out Emails In The Multi-Channel Mix: Integrate email into seamless digital customer experiences across multiple touchpoints and journeys

Unlock The Power Of Data & Targeting: Get the most out of your data to deliver targeted, meaningful campaigns that truly speak to the customer

Deliver Results With Automation & AI: Create unique, automated emails to boost ROI and engagement

New Tools & Tech Advances: Cutting through the shiny exteriors to uncover the tools on the market that match your business’ needs and budget – what’s worth the investment?

It’s All About The Customer: Harness data and CRM systems to create campaigns centred around the customer lifecycle to drive conversions and retain loyal customers

Measure Email Success, Boost ROI: Measure performance and justify the benefits and real power of email marketing with practical metrics to win senior buy-in

Maximise Deliverability: Ensure emails land across the board no matter how content heavy with actionable deliverability strategies you can implement today

What’s The Future For Email? Stay ahead of the game with your email marketing strategies with insights into the latest trends and changing consumer behaviours

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