The 2nd SOA-Middle East Ophthalmology Symposium

Jan 13 2020 12:00 - 18:00

St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital, Mujir e-Din St, East Jerusalem

The 2nd SOA-Middle East Ophthalmology Symposium

Monday, January 13th, 1230 - 1800

This half-day Symposium is in two parts, bringing together regional and international oculoplastic and retinal experts. 

At 1230 we meet for an early lunch at the Ambassador Hotel adjacent to St John Eye Hospital before beginning our half-day medical congress in the Hospital.

The first part of the afternoon consists of didactic, state-of-the-art, lectures on orbital, eyelid, and lacrimal disease, and includes an interactive session with complex cases. 

After refreshments, we continue with a broad range of talks on medical, inflammatory and surgical retinal disease, again followed by complex cases and interaction with the panel. 

At 1830, for those who may be interested, we shall enjoy an ad hoc dinner locally.

The fee covers registration, lunch, and refreshments.

We look forward to seeing you!

Dr Habes Batta (St John Eye Hospital Group)

Dr David Verity (Moorfields Eye Hospital)

Dr Daniel Briscoe (Emek Medical Centre)


Prof Geoffrey Rose

Prof Itay Chowers

Prof Daniel Briscoe

Dr Radgonde Amer

Prof Lyndon Da Cruz

Dr David Verity

For and on behalf of the St John Ophthalmic Association.