That Dark Space Behind My Eyes

May 22 2018 11:00 - Jun 02 2018 17:00

AIR Gallery, 30 Grosvenor Rd, WA14 1LD Altrincham

AIR Gallery is proud to present a new body of work by North-West visual artist Louise Garman

Garman's practice has been to explore the idea of journeys; collecting discarded and unwanted everyday objects along the way, and photographing her surroundings. She does not compose the images, but instead captures the ground and sky in an immediate, less formal way.

Each journey taken has been documented in sketch books, photographs, drawings and prints, exploring the process of observation and selection. Subconsciously, she has focused on life and death – birds’ nests, children’s toys, skulls, sleeping tablets, to name but a few. Garman has become fascinated by unwanted, displaced and discarded signs of life, both man-made and natural; abandoned objects, in surreal landscapes, both fleeting and precious.

The exhibition will feature carefully constructed installation pieces from my photographic images and videos as a means of expression. Each piece is striking; presenting these journeys as a moment in time, both ugly and beautiful, harsh and tender