TBS Presents Crystal Healing 101 with Wolf Sister

Jul 19 2018 19:00 - 21:00

The Basics Store, 15 Monmouth St, WC2H 9DA London

Crystal Healing 101 with Wolf Sister

You've bought some crystals with the best intentions; but now it's as if you're being ghosted. What happened to all of those sweet nothings that your crystals promised in the shop?

Word on the street is that crystals can transform your life.

You've invested in a few of these pretty rocks and despite the vague promise that the shop assistant gave you of their superpowers; nothing's really changed.

You're not 100% convinced.

That tight knot of anxiety in your stomach; still happening.

Feeling drained by other people's demands on your time and energy; still happening.

Relationship status: It's complicated; still happening.

Inability to focus on one thing; still happening.

Everything's the same.

You've even toyed with the idea of putting one in your bra for the day to see what happens...

Those shifts that you've been waiting for?

It starts with learning how to unlock the power of your crystals.

And finishes with you having tools to connect with your highest self when life gets crazy.

Crystal healing isn't a hippy hoax; you aren't using them properly.

Know your crystals beyond the generic guides and find out what your crystals want to say to you.

This workshop is for self-confessed crystal junkies, newbies and anyone somewhere in between. Curious about the healing powers of crystals? This one's for you.

You'll learn:

How to choose crystals with your intuition
How crystals work
How to cleanse, charge and activate your crystals
How to meditate with crystals

You'll receive a crystal to work with during the workshop and to take away so that you can keep the crystal-vibes flowing.

Please bring a notepad and pen to gather any information and insights from the experience.

About Wolf Sister

Wolf Sister is a crystal healer, shamanic practitioner, reiki master and tarot advisor. She's an intuitive healer who infuses mystic wisdom into everyday life. Her first book, The Crystal Code will be published 25th October 2018 with Penguin Life.

She has been an apprentice shaman in Bali, taught Supernatural Potion Making classes at Topshop's Oxford Circus flagship store and guided moonlit meditations in Croatia.

Through her work with individuals and groups, Wolf Sister translates ancient spiritual wisdom into practical tools that we can use in the here and now. Soothing the burdens of modern life with meditation, rituals, crystals and energy healing. With her healing therapies, she guides her clients to realise their own potential by awakening their intuition and supporting them to turn challenges into transformative opportunities.

Wolf Sister holds regular moon ceremonies and crystal healing workshops in London and beyond, amongst other now-age gatherings. She loves working with like-minded visionaries and has also collaborated with Origins, Secret Yoga Club, Hip and Healthy, Olivia Burton Jewellery, Pip Roberts, Jade Jasmin, Jess Mcmenemy, Helen Morris and Lola Ulalume to create events that offer sanctuary from the urban hustle.



Crystal Healing 101 with Wolf Sister

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