Talk: Psychedelics & Religion

5 Rose St, EH2 2PR Edinburgh
Tickets GBP 4.65
Tickets GBP 4.65
  • How do holy books refer to the use of psychedelics?
  • What esoteric and occult practices do these religions contain that are connected to psychedelics?

Darren Springer and Sanae Orchi will share their personal research, taking you on an exciting exploration of these questions and how they can impact your life today.
The journey starts in the motherland of humanity, Africa, where ancient glyphs and writings suggest that psychedelics have played a pivotal role in the development of various cultures on the African continent and continue their world wide influence today.
We will explore the crucial role of magic mushrooms and sacred plants in the foundations of organised religions such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism, as well as fraternities and secret societies.

Delving into holy texts, Darren and Sanae will share numerous references to psychedelic plant use and entheogenic ceremonial rites. You will be taken on a thought provoking journey exploring hidden and taboo teachings, and how they have become encoded or suppressed in religions today.
Darren Springer and Sanae Orchi will bring it all home. This knowledge can empower and bring you closer to the roots of your religious foundations regardless of your current relationship to religion. The esoteric practices taught in ancient times are as relevant now as ever, and are key to our liberation once you have true understanding of these teachings.
About the Speakers
Darren Springer and is a grass-roots researcher and event organiser based in London, the Director of Ancient Future, the Convenor of the Psychedelia Railway Gatherings and curator at Earth Tone Arts and is running Shroomshops with Funzing.
He has presented at the Breaking Convention in London, the Detroit Entheogenic Conference, Ozora in Hungary, Altered in Berlin and numerous consciousness gatherings around Europe, the U.S and Africa. Darren is a knowledgeable and dynamic speaker who is passionate about sharing his research on African Entheogenic plants and their various applications on the continent and the diaspora. By day Darren is an Organic Horticulture and Food Enterprise tutor and teaches young people in east London. He’s also a keen mushroom grower and for the last seven years has been growing edible mushrooms and has translated his home growing experience into a commercial experiment.
Sanae Orchi is a Dutch/Moroccan TV presenter, public speaker and teacher of Ancient African Yoga (Smai Tawi). For years she presented many TV programs and became a well-known TV personality.
‘On the surface everybody thought I had it all because I was popular, but deep down I felt empty.’
Sanae went through a series of challenging experiences and life questions. Her journey led her to studying and sharing both modern and ancient spiritual practices. She is now sharing this knowledge and her experiences in an ‘urban sexy’ way for others, especially the young generation to experience self-realisation themselves.


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