Taekwondo & Story-Writing Workshop

May 29 2018 14:00 - 15:30

Crick Village Hall, Bucknills Ln, NN6 7SX Northampton

Join Mark Robson, Best-Selling writer of fantasy fiction for young adults AND black belt Tae Kwon-do instructor at Daventry Tigers, in a workshop with a difference.

Part Tae Kwon-do, Part story-writing.

Learn how Mark uses the adventures of 4 children in his books Warrior Kids. "Bullied by Zach and his gang, Donovan Richards decides he must learn to defend himself. Will the martial art prove to be like a magical shield? Or will it simply get Donovan into more trouble?"

The first part of the workshop will be learning some basic skills and discipline of Tae Kwon-do. The second part will be looking at story writing and how these 2 things can come together to create inspiring fiction.

"I have been searching for quality books that excite my 5 year old boys for a long time and Mark's, Warrior Kids collection has hit the nail on the head. The fantasy world mixed with Tae Kwon-do is a perfect combination for young readers. I can finally get them to move on from Marvel characters. Thank you!" Mum of 3.

"An inspiring day that had our children queuing to get into the library" Head teacher Woolwich Polytechnic.

Age: 6+ (Ideally your child will be able to write)
Cost: £3 per child

* Mark will have books that can be purchased on the day at a reduced price.


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