Sunday Morning Song

Oct 06 2019 11:00 - 13:00

SPACE Yoga Studio, Penrith Rd, KT3 New Malden

Enjoy freeness of expression.

Improvise with sounds and songs of different styles including folk, spirituals, gospel and chants.

Sing to open your heart, better connect to yourself and to others and be sound of mind, body and spirit.

Open to all, regardless of background, experience or ability.

Open Your Heart with Song

Workshop Leader - Melissa James

Melissa James is a singer, songwriter and performer. Melissa sings with incredible passion for her cause which she feels is to use her voice and her music to form connections with others. 

In 2016, the creation of her music and mental health Big Sing initiative SING4SANE led Melissa to develop workshops where she began working more closely with groups of people, leading them to sing and to explore their voices. Melissa takes her work into arts and health establishments alike, sometimes inviting singing workshop participants to sing alongside her during her concert performances.

This workshop is a continuation of work similar to that of SING4SANE.  You can watch a video about the SING4SANE project via YouTube HERE.