Sunday Cineclub

May 17 2020 18:00 - Jun 28 2020 20:00

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Every Sunday at 6pm great directors, famous stars and unforgettable stories + after film discussion.

South Social film Festival is partnering with MUBI this time, to bring you a weekly splurge of awesome films. You'll be able, not only to watch a film, but you will have a 3 months FREE subscription to MUBI! 

Sunday 17 May 2020 - 6pm

This Sunday, join us for an intriguing coming of age film.

The strict choreography of synchronised swimming juxtaposed with the commotion of personal feelings: a subtle, soaring coming-of-age story about the erotic turbulence inside three teenage girls.

A swimming pool in a suburb of Paris. 15-year old Marie is fascinated by a group of female synchronised swimmers, above all Floriane, who is the same age as Marie, but seems more mature and is the star of the formation. Marie‘s best friend Anne is also on the team. Their relationship is increasingly overshadowed by the rivalry between Anne and Floriane, who both fancy the same boy. But there’s another reason for the growing distance: Marie is falling in love with Floriane and would do anything to please her.

After the movie, join us on ZOOM for a cool discussion with film lovers.

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