Summer Solstice Camp - The Festival of Attainment

Jun 22 2018 12:00 - Jun 24 2018 18:00

Habens Stables, Habens Lane, Hambledon, PO7 4AD Hampshire

Join us around the Fire for an uplifting community celebration of the Summer Solstice... The Festival of Attainment... and abandon yourself to the joys of summer, songs, dance and a sense of your own uniqueness…

The Summer Solstice represents our most expressive and expansive selves, and is the festival of attainment where we can honour and celebrate what we have brought forth into our lives.

It's a time to feel big and let our most magnificent radiance shine out and be seen in all its fullness, so we may shine this brightness out into our lives, offering transformation and healing wherever it may be needed.

All around us nature is reaching the peak of its rampant growth period and the natural world is in total manifestation. The trees are in full leaf and blossom, herbs and flowers are flourishing. Everywhere there is a sense of completeness and abundance.

We will be honouring this special time with a sharing of our unique achievements and charge these through the positive intentions of being together in community, all enhanced by the power of the Sun.

Come for the evening, for the day or why not even camp with us for the weekend so you can come pop up your tent and simply relax.

There will be Ritual, Songs, Drumming, Games, Stories, Yoga, Crafts, Food and Wonderful People to share all this with.

Campsite has basic facilities including a toilet and water.

Let us know if you would like to come but need a lift from somewhere.

We will be cooking a Saturday evening meal and will be supplying the food for this, however we would also like to invite you to bring a few things along ~ think summer, healthy, vegetarian (try to avoid artificial and over processed stuff) e.g. salads, fresh herbs, hummus and dips, crisps, breads, cheeses, pasta, quiches, fruits, juices, lemonade, mead, cakes, and anything made with honey.

Full Ticket ~ Adult (Activities, Camping, Saturday Evening Meal)

Not Available

Full Ticket ~ Under 21's (Activities, Camping, Saturday Evening Meal)

Not Available

Family Ticket (2 Full Adults, 2 Full Under 21's)

Not Available

Saturday Only ~ Adult (Activities, Saturday Meal, No Camping)

Not Available

Saturday Only ~ Under 21's (Activities, Saturday Meal, No Camping)

Not Available

Under 5's

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