Succulent Terrarium Workshop

Aug 22 2019 19:00 - 21:30

Heron Hawker, 210 Middle Ln, N8 7LA London

Come to our shop in Hornsey and dive into an evening of indoor plants and build your own terrarium to take home.

Attendees are provided with a mug of wine or soft drink whilst we have a brief talk about terrariums and the elements that we're going to be using. Then we have a bit of a tour of the plants that are on offer and for you to play with. There will be a wide choice of succulents to choose from, and some spiky cacti for those feeling a little more adventurous. After that we choose a station where you will find a 7.75" glass sphere waiting to be filled. 

The team will talk you through the crucial stages as we build our layers together, but then you'll be set free to work on your own creation. We'll be on handy with tricks and tips to hone your vision. Depending on your speed, the class can take between 1 and 2 hours, though you're encouraged to take your time and not rush your creation.

Workshops begin at 19:00 within the store.