Standing Up for Our Rights: European Citizens’ Gathering

Nov 18 2017 10:00 - 12:00
Tickets Free - GBP 5.00
Tickets Free - GBP 5.00

This European citizens’ gathering will be an opportunity for those engaged or interested in campaigning efforts directed towards upholding and defending the rights of all European citizens in the context of Brexit to engage, converse, cooperate and plan future initiatives. A key aim is to encourage a creative dialogue on the issues associated with European citizenship and the potential loss of rights and protections associated with it.


Retaining European Citizenship: a short film by Conrad Simpson

Speakers and participants include:

Professor Andreas Bieler, Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice, University of Nottingham

Kat Boettge is a Green Party activist and anti-Brexit Campaigner

Matt Carr has written books including ‘Fortress Europe’ and helped found One Day Without Us

Claudia Delpero edits Europe Street News

Marko Dimač is a volunteer at Notts Refugee Forum and a member of DiEM25

Suresh Grover is Director of The Monitoring Group and an anti-racist campaigner

Jonny Gutteridge is a post graduate student and EU campaigner

Eva Kaluzynska worked for the European Commission for over 20 years

Madeleina Kay aka ‘EU Supergirl’ is an author, illustrator and Remain campaigner

Dr Elizabeth Monaghan, University of Hull, researches European Citizens’ Initiatives

Jagdish Patel, The Monitoring Group, is an artist and anti-racist campaigner

Marina Pentroulis, University of East Anglia and Another Europe is Possible

Beata Polanowska, East Midlands po Polsku newspaper

Louise Regan, President of the National Education Union (NUT Section)

Elena Remigi, editor of In Limbo: Brexit Testimonies

Tony Simpson, Retaining European Citizenship [Citizens’ Initiative]

Alan Tuckman, is the author of ‘Kettling the Unions’ (forthcoming)

Tom Unterrainer, Retaining European Citizenship [Citizens’ Initiative]

Further information

The event will take place in rooms at Highfield House (Graduate School/Centre for Advanced Studies), University Park, University of Nottingham between 10.30am and 5pm on Saturday 18th November.

The University of Nottingham is located close to the M1 (Junction 25) and has excellent public transport provision (bus and tram from Railway Station).

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Standing Up for Our Rights: European Citizens’ Gathering

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