Stage Combat

Jul 08 2018 10:00 - 16:00

Leeds Trinity University (Trinity Fitness), Brownberrie Ln, LS18 5HD Leeds

Leeds Community Arts Network is partnering with Squire Stage Combat to offer a Stage Combat workshop open members of the public as well as members of LeedsCAN.

Ever wondered how film makers make their fights look so realistic? Or how stunt people manage to get up time and time again after taking brutal looking falls? We all enjoy watching a swashbuckling duel or kung fu fist fight, but we rarely think about the work that goes into making some of our favourite fight scenes.

Stage combat is fun, non competitive, incredibly safe and a great way for people to get creative with one another. Ever wanted to feel like Jackie Chan? Nows your chance. How about a swashbuckling pirate? No problem. Learn how to make punches, kicks and slaps safe, pick up a sword and learn how to handle it like a pro. Squire’s range of workshops are designed to give everyone a taste of what its like to be a stunt performer. They are fun and fast and a great way to blow off steam with friends. This is all supported through our experienced instructors who keep things safe.

After a long day, often in a fairly structured and confined atmosphere its great to go a little wild! The focus is on fun. We are not looking to train the next Bruce Lee two hours before dinner. Instead we gather all the fun stage combat techniques together and dump them out for students to play with.

We let students engage with their new friends and along the way they may learn a thing or two. Students are able to be creative and physical together. We will combine all the physical benefits of a sport with the social benefits of a performance based activity and end up with a very unique and special experience. Make new friends and then punch them in the face!

These workshops are fast, physical and fun. They can be enjoyed by everyone since the focus is activity rather than performance. No one is asked to get up on stage unless they want to and all the fights, falls and flailing are fake! After all “the first rule of fight club is NO ONE GETS HURT!

All places must be booked in advance and are strictly limited so book your tickets now. If you can't get to this event, we're repeating it at ActivZone in Morley on 15th July, prices are the same.

This is an all day session but no refreshments will be provided, so please bring your own.


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