SPRING EQUINOX MUGWORT DREAMING Mugwort Healing with Sound and Gong Bath

21 Effra Parade, SW2 1PX London
Mar 23 2019 18:30 - 21:30
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Tickets GBP 20.00 - GBP 45.00
Tickets GBP 20.00 - GBP 45.00

"Mugwort opens up chambers of ancient memory within the brain, bringing to one's dream life stirring visions of past and future that overflow with magical imagery. The symbols that dance through your Mugwort-touched dreams pull out the cobwebs of our forgetfulness and assist us in remembering old, unwritten ways of healing and living that attend to the needs of spirit and soul."
Judith Berger, Herbal Rituals.

 Maggie Rose and I are hosting this candlelit evening Mugwort tea ceremony, to thaw out from the ice and darkness of Winter and to warm-up towards the light of Summer. 

Ostara or Spring Equinox is a potent time of year to banish what no longer serves, to call in what we need, and to celebrate Mother Earth and Green Man. Mugwort, Sound and Gongs can assist with this, making space for new growth and alignment.

So, we ask ourselves…What do we need to banish to allow new growth? What do we need to feed our seeds and shoots to help them to grow healthy and strong? Are there any new seeds to be sown? 

This event will suit anyone who

  • wants to celebrate Spring Equinox
  • wants to set intentions for the next cycle/season
  • wants to release/banish obstructions and resistances that no longer serve  
  • needs guidance on how to nurture ideas, healing, projects, etc
  • needs healing, alignment and grounding
  • wishes to connect with plant wisdom, Mother Nature 
  • wishes to connect with sound medicine 
  • has female hormone related issues
  • wishes to open up to innate healing abilities

About Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris)

The Dreamers or Witches Medicine

Regulates menstrual cycles, eases painful menstruation and menopause onset 

Has been used to induce abortions, promote labour or to expel afterbirth. 

Brings protection, divination and alignment when used in a ritual context. 

Enhances astral projection, lucid dreaming and altered states of consciousness; fosters prophetic dreams. 

A powerful initiator for those new to the world of natural medicine and healing. 

Mugwort can open you to your healing abilities, setting you off on a healing path. 

About Sound and Gong Baths

A gong bath stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system - the space where healing takes place

'Re-tunes' and clears stuck energy. 

Induces deep relaxation and meditation and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system - the space of 'rest and digest' where healing occurs. 

Vibrates away stress and strain 

The sound healing resonance complements Mugworts protection and alignment qualities, and may enhance visions offering prophecy and insight.

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST read the 'contra-indications' below before booking. 

NOTE: Cacao is on offer as an alternative upon request. Or just come to enjoy the guided meditation, softer sounds and gong bath.

What to Expect

The venue: Effraspace, 21 Effra Parade, Brixton, SW2 1PX

Our last ceremony at Effraspace: Womb Yoga and Sacred Cacao Ceremony

When used ceremonially Mugwort is smoked, burned and consumed as a tea or tincture; she is safe to smoke and burn.

  • Drink Mugwort tea and be guided on a Mugwort Spirit Medicine Journey 
  • 1:1 healing will be shared. This may include safe touch and crystals. You can decline.
  • If you are guided to receive a Mugwort transmission, Mugwort smoke is blown in your direction. It is important that you feel called to receive this transmission. 
  • Receive a vibrational bath of instrumental sounds, potentially shamanic reiki drum, singing bowls and flute
  • Surrender to a gong bath! 36" Earth gong. 32" Mars and 24" Venus planetary gongs may also tag along
  • Perhaps you struggle to meditate? Previous participants have reported that they were able to meditate and switch off from mental chatter for the first time in their lives in my gong baths
  • You may have auditory experiences: hearing whales, singing and chanting is not uncommon
  • You could potentially confront fears and memories / see visions, colours, lights and/or shapes / experience physical sensations / have an emotional release / receive guidance and insight
      NOTE: Cacao is on offer as an alternative upon request. Or just come to enjoy the guided meditation, softer sounds and gong bath. 
          NOTE: We are very much 'in the moment' in ceremonies, so the above may fluctuate on the night

      Email: shashay@soundseva.com if you want to discuss further. 

      PLEASE NOTE: You MUST read the 'contra-indications' below before booking. 

      After-care support is available upon request. 

      This venue has disabled access. All are welcome! 

      Mats, small blankets and bolsters are all provided. 

      Book before 1st March to take advantage of the Early Bird Price. Or subscribe to the SoundSeva mailing list to enjoy further discount benefits (See details at end of page). 

      After 1st March, tickets will be selling for £45 + booking fee. The pricing reflects that each person will be receiving 1:1 healing during this event. 

      PLEASE NOTE: You MUST read the 'contra-indications' below before booking. 

      Contraindications: Mugwort 

      Mugwort is not suitable for everyone

      • Are trying to conceive, pregnant or lactating.
      • Have pelvic inflammatory issues - can cause uterine contractions. 
      • Do not use for more than one week continuously as can cause nervous problems, liver damage and convulsions. 
      • Some people have topical allergies to Mugwort – test some on your skin before using. 
      • Are already an active lucid dreamer - you may wish to drink a small dosage of Mugwort, or just have the tincture. 
      • Any issues with dryness may be worsened by Mugwort. 

      NOTE: Cacao is being offered as an alternative upon request. Or just come to enjoy the guided meditation, softer sounds and gong bath. 

      Email shashay@soundseva.com if you’re unsure and want to discuss further.

      Contraindications: Gong Baths

      Gongs aren't for everyone either

      • Are in your first trimester of pregnancy
      • Have a severe mental illness 
      • Have a 'sound sensitive’ condition or conditions that could be triggered by sound. 
      • Have a heart condition or pacemaker; the sound can resonate metal implants, pins, screws, etc. and could change rhythm of pacemakers. 
      • Email shashay@soundseva.com If you’re unsure and want to discuss further. 
      • We do hope that you can join us for what we feel will be a magical Spring Equinox celebration. 
      • If you can't make it but want to keep abreast of events sign up for the SoundSeva newsletter. Link on SoundSeva Facebook Page (left column) or contact me: shashay@soundseva.com

      DISCLAIMER: After-care support is available upon request. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate support systems in place if anything comes up for you through SoundSeva events. Please ensure that you read the 'contra-indications' below. 

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      SPRING EQUINOX MUGWORT DREAMING Mugwort Healing with Sound and Gong Bath

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