Specialty Coffee & Vegan Food Pairing Experience

Mar 31 2018 10:30 - 13:30

The Travel Café, 253 Holloway Rd, N7 8HG London

Whether it's an experience, an introduction to Vegan cuisine or simply indulging tasty bites without feeling the guilt. This tasting experience might be for you!

Sitting down for a coffee break and an accompanying bite to eat is the highlight of many people's mornings, with most probably opting for a slice of cake to go with their drink? Am I guessing right? But have you ever considered pairing your morning coffee with something savoury, or perhaps ordering a mug in a restaurant to complement your menu choice instead of browsing the wine list?

Coffee and Food Pairing aims to improve your mouthfeel experience. When different foods share certain key aromas, they are more likely to make the perfect pair! According to chemists, when foods share major flavour and aroma compounds, they tend to taste good together.

A cosy place that will make you want to take a step back from a hectic week to enjoy good company and have great conversations accompanied with our delectable sinful creations.

Over the last decade, the development of specialty coffee has brought new sciences and passion around everything that touch to the new coffee experience: music, design, art, travel and above all food. Today, specialty coffees offers a wide range of taste and aromas available to the coffee lover. So, it sounds more natural and logic to pay more attention to the food ordered.

As an introduction to our passion, we welcome you to our path below...

Experience #1: Tangy take-off

-Food: Beetroot Salad

-Coffee: V60

Experience #2: Healthy American Breakfast

-Food: Vegan Pancacks

-Coffee: Kalita

Experience #3: Filter coffee not people

-Food: Avocado on Toast with vegan soup

-Coffee: Chemex

Experience #4: Vitality Sin Signature Treat

-Food: Balls

-Coffee: Aeropress / Phoenix

Experience #5: Sweet Caroline Oh Oh Oh

-Food: Chocolate mousse or Cinnamon Bun

-Coffee: Syphon

All of our cuisine are freshly home-made, preservative-free and GMO-free. For allergies or any queries, please reach out to us at vitalitysin@gmail.com or via mobile: 07470386530.

Only 20 seats are available for this event. Save your spot and join our grooviness....

Limited Early Birds Tickets for £36 until February 28th, Regular Tickets £40.

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