Sound Healer Training course with Tim Wheater & Cherub

Nov 08 2019 10:30 - Nov 10 2019 18:00

The Pirate Castle, Oval Road 33, NW1 7EA London

The Ancient medicine of the Now...

Join the masters of high frequency, Tim Wheater & Cherub to train and gain a certificate in SOUND HEALING..

COST: £528

To reserve your place please send full payment with YOUR NAME as a reference via bank transfer to:  

C L SANSON, ACC: 64033155 SORT: 01-09-17

"Tim and Cherub's unique and stimulating training is hands-on and a wonderful opportunity to learn from musical masters, inspiring you to new heights of consciousness through the powerful portal of sound for healing, transformation and awakening"

Aaron Horn, Music Producer, London


Leading sound pioneers, Tim & Cherub will take you on a deep journey through healing sound, giving you the skills and confidence to practice sound therapy; both for personal experience, 1-2-1 clients and groups.

Drawing on ancient wisdom and modern science, they give you the background theory plus the practical training you need to be a successful sound therapy practitioner.

The course is suited to;

Holistic practitioners, wellness warriors, Doctors/Nurses/carers, and health professionals, Psychotherapists/Music therapists, Teachers, Musicians, anyone with a passion for therapeutic sound.

What you will gain;

Learn to carry out individual sound therapy, Hold group sound baths

Apply the wisdom and skills you learn into helping others with healing harmonic sound

Contribute to raising the vibration of the collective consciousness

Enhanced creativity, improved concentration, and intuition

Become a certified sound therapist, with an opportunity to become registered with the Complementary Medicine Association - if your overall weekend assessment is of sufficient merit.

Course Structure:

The training will be delivered in an informative, yet relaxed & dynamic way - there will be a mixture of talks and practical demonstrations with the opportunity to interact with each other and play together.

Explore the concepts, principles, and theories behind therapeutic sound.

The neurological and physiological responses to sound as an effective relaxation tool.

Drum Therapy: the use of rhythm, brainwave entrainment, sonic massage, shamanic drumming.

The Effect of Mantra on the Body, Mind, and Energy…Chanting, Mantra, and Meditation.

Intention setting, visualisation fused with high-frequency sound activations.

Exploration of Tibetan bowls and tuning forks for healing.

Simple vocal techniques; toning therapy. Utilising self-generated sacred sound in everyday life to maintain a high vibration.

Gain knowledge in a solid foundation of grounded research that underpins therapeutic sound.

Understand the Power of the native flute, space cleansing rituals and Drum in Sacred Work.

The healing benefits of Cherabella crystal bowls.

Gong work, theory, stance, breathwork, playing techniques, it's effect on the body and soul.

Therapeutic voice work, dynamic vocal expression techniques.

Extensive practical hands-on tuition and practice.

Simple, fun collaborative musical ensembles to develop the art of listening and performing together.

study of binaural beats and cymatics.

In-depth experience of deeper levels of awareness through sound.

Relaxed, informal written assessment to get an idea of your progression.

On the weekend you will have the opportunity to play all of Tim & Cherub's collection of beautiful antique instruments, of the finest quality & heritage.

You are advised to come prepared to purchase at least one instrument to kick start your sound journey.

They will have excellent quality tuning forks, crystal bowls, native flutes, shamanic drums available throughout the weekend.


Through sound we can improve our health; reduce stress, depression, boost the immune system, restore energy and vitality, while opening the gateway into higher levels of consciousness.

Choose to learn sound's ancient wisdom, develop this gift, and share it with the world, as we collectively ascend into higher states of being.

"the knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe"
Hazrat Inayat Khan