Sound and Vision: Heart of a Dog

Jul 11 2016 19:30 - 21:30
Tickets GBP 2.50 - GBP 5.00
Tickets GBP 2.50 - GBP 5.00

This is a dog friendly film screening! Bring your pooch along to get a half price ticket. To really make your hound feel at home, we'll even give them a pack of Billy & Margot Dog Popcorn to munch while they watch. Woof.

An impressionistic and musical meditation on a pets death with prelude by the artist Laurie Anderson, who enjoyed a very deep relationship with her dog, with following soundtrack.

Acclaimed musician and performance artist Laurie Anderson presents her meditation on love and death as relates to her dog in this playful, lucid and heartbreaking nonfiction feature. Dedicated to Anderson’s late husband Lou Reed (who floats almost unseen throughout), Heart of a Dog takes as a jumping off point the recent passing of Anderson’s beloved terrier Lolabelle. Touching on what her love for her dog means to her by processing her childhood, music, and her life as an artist, Anderson draws upon her childhood experiences and political beliefs as she lovingly tries to help Lolabelle's spirit face the immediate tribulations it will experience immediately after death.

Aided by a beautiful use of her own compositions, animation and 8 millimeter film from her family archive, Anderson creates a gorgeous tapestry on love and loss - reminding us that every love story is a ghost story.

In partnership with Dogwoof, Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen will be bringing you a monthly dose of music themed documentaries to feed your eyes and your ears with stories from behind the microphone. And because everyone knows it’s impossible to watch a film without popcorn, your ticket includes a free pack of tasty ProperCorn.

Featuring The National, Janis Joplin, Laurie Anderson, Mavis Staples, Beck, Patti Smith, Thurston Moore, Cat Power, Olafur Eliasson, Eleanor Friedberger, Savages, THEESatisfaction and Lou Reed.

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