SOOP Supper Club: Dine with Dine in Zanzibar

Sep 01 2019 16:30 - 19:30

London Cooking Project, 1 Ethelburga St, SW11 4AG London

Dina Darweish and Stories On Our Plate - SOOP welcome you to a special late lunch celebrating Dina's recipes from the island of Zanzibar. Dine with Dina as she takes you on a culinary journey through her Zanzibari heritage. Expect an eclectic use of spices mixed with coconut, combined with influence from Oman, India, Iran, & Africa you are sure to be left satisfied and ready to book a flight straight to this paradise island!


                                                 Welcome Drink - Tamarind Sherbet Cooler


                                 Mini Chicken Samosas with a Tangy Tamarind & Chilli Dip

                           Lemon & Tumeric Potato & Chickpea Soup with Deep Fried Cassava Chips

                                                       Coconut & Sesame Flatbread


                                  Coconut & Tumeric Masala Grilled Fish with Dried Onion Rice

                                                   Mango & Pomegranate Kachumba


                                                    Mango & Coconut Meringue Tart

             Cooked Cardamon, Clove & Saffron Tea with a Cardamon & Coconut Doughnut on the side

* This is a bring your own bottle (BOYB) event. Alcohol will not be sold on the premises

*Contains gluten and sesame 

*Menu is what is shown