Song of Spring; Solstice Sound Ceremony

Mar 20 2018 19:30 - 21:30

St Stephen's Church, Gloucester Rd, SW7 4RL London


Let's celebrate in the palatial settings of St Stephens Church, South Ken.. to plant the seeds for all our dreams to come into fruition this Equinox!

Join Tim Wheater, Cherub, Aaron Horn, & very special guests as we align ourselves to all of the new seasons's infinite potential....

Welcome in the new season's wonder with a high vibrational, heart opening group chant - to connect us all, & prepare us for the sensational sound that follows...

Lie down, relax & receive a healing high frequency fusion of planet gongs, native flutes, shamanic drums, crystal bowls, & divine weaving voices...

Arrive at 7.15pm to experience the phenomenal Pandora star deep trance light device ....5 minutes of triptastic sonic bliss...

There will also be an opportunity to experience the device during & after the sound journey...

Experience your heart expand into oneness & the vibratory nature of all things...leave feeling calm, happy, nourished, & ready to manifest miracles this spring!

REMEMBER; it gets cold in the church, please WRAP UP WARM!

We provide yoga mat, blanket & cushion for all those that book online, (we don't provide for paying guests on the door)
but BRING EXTRA if u can...
The comfier you are, the better the experience...
Think woolly hat, gloves, hot water bottle!


LYING DOWN - everything provided = £30
LYING DOWN - bring your own mat/blanket/pillow = £20

SEATED - sitting up on pews (advisable to bring cushion = £15)

!Last month's Valentines concert was SOLD OUT - please book ticket early to guarantee a space!!

Lying down - provided

Not Available

bring your own mat/blanket

Not Available


Not Available

two tickets for £35

Not Available