Soil Not Dirt - Compost Workshop

Oct 26 2019 14:00 - 16:00

Victoria Park Outdoor Classrom, Victoria Park Outdoor Classroom, Near St Agnes Gate Entrance, E9 7HR London

The organic mantra is feed the soil, not the plant. Building and maintaining a fertile, healthy soil is the first priority of the organic gardener and if we don't look after the soil, plants can't find the nutrients, water and air that they need.  You can feed them with fertilizers but that's a bit like filling yourself up a hamburger or a sugary drink; it's a quick fix but doesn't nourish.   In this practical session, we'll be  focusing on making compost and look at ways of protecting and enhancing soil with leafmould, wormeries, no-dig and mulches. And we'll play the compost game!  Refreshments included.

The Outdoor Classroom is on the right when you enter the park from St Agnes's Gate, Gore Road.