Slow Retreat - Forest of Dean

Apr 21 2020 13:00 - Apr 23 2020 13:00

Mill End Boutique Accomodation, The General Stores, Mill End, Mitcheldean , GL17 0HP Forest of Dean

“In an age of speed, I began to think, nothing could be more invigorating than going slow. " Pico Iyer

About this Event

Why Slow? It’s obvious really, barely needs saying but we will say it anyway. Life is speeding past us, we hardly have time to blink before another year has gone, another politician disgraced, a child leaves home, that book you planned on writing just gathers dust in your mind and you wonder if you will ever have that time you promised yourself.

At this retreat you are being offered that time, and space, above all else; permission, if you feel you need it, to simply stop, unwind, smell the roses, coffee or whatever other aroma is passing by. Just stop and be.


The Fabric of Family

You are invited to unwind, unfurl and release your creativity as we explore the theme of the fabric of family, be it blood or chosen, an individual or a group.  

Printing photos onto silk and linen, using embroidery and incorporating of precious items, Liz Lewitt will help you create a very personal family memento to take home.

Book Binding

Our second workshop will be book binding with Lorna Gray where you will be shown how make your own hand bound hardback notebook using a traditional book binding technique. 

There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions in both these relaxed and enjoyable sessions. 

You can opt in or out but we will assume your participation unless you say otherwise.

However you choose to use the time there will be included in the retreat your own or shared bedroom in super comfortable and stylish accommodation with use of spa facilities, hot tubs, outdoor wood-fired sauna cabin and indoor saunas too. Delicious white cotton bed linen and towels are provided.

At each retreat you will be fed good home cooking by Liz Haughton, previously of the Folk House Café in Bristol, using local and organic ingredients, mostly vegetarian but we don't exclude carefully sourced meat. As many dietary requirements as possible will be met if you let us know in good time.

Inspired by the book 'In Praise of Slow', by Carl Honoré,  Liz Lewitt ran a three day, two night retreat in November 2019.  On the back of the success of this she teamed up with Liz Haughton in December 2019 to plan a series of these creative, slow retreats.  

The Slow Movement was started in Italy by Carlo Petrini. It was a back lash to the fast food companies who were creeping into their cities and food culture which, as an Italian, was an anathema and an outrage. The movement has grown to encompass all parts our lives, in countries all over the world. Carl Honoré picks up the baton and walks with it, encouraging us all to slow down, take the time to eat well, prepare for and sleep well, enjoy each other slowly and without distraction. The benefits are extraordinary as you will see.