SKFEST - Bun Babylon, with Rianna Jade Parker

Aug 23 2017 14:00 - 15:30

Meeting Room, Dalston CLR James Library, Dalston Square, E8 3BQ London

Join writer, curator and artist Rianna Jade Parker in this progressive workshop on getting to grips with putting together an exhibition in contemporary art spaces across the UK. The workshop will focus on curating visual arts in a variety of spaces including galleries and museums.

The session will touch on how curation works in both established institutions and DIY spaces whilst also exploring what it’s like working as a consultant in these space and how curation can be a form of resistance/bunnin babylon.

Rianna is an international artist who has had work presented in cities of culture across the world, including her hometown of London, as well as New York and Berlin. Her work delves into ideas of gender, archival importance, resistance and intersectionality. Rianna also co-runs the collaborative platform Lonely Londoners, a collective dedicating to enhancing visibility and representation for artists of colour in London and New York, unapologetically uplifting their voices in spaces often dominated by the white middle class. She is also founder of Bun Babylon group on facebook and curator for Tate Collectives.

If you’re interested in getting into curation at any level you won’t want to miss this incredible workshop from one of the UK’s most exciting young curators.

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On the Door (Cash Only)

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