Sisters' Sacred Space - New Moon in Aquarius

Feb 15 2018 19:30 - 21:30

Kentish Town Rd, NW1 9QB London

(Exact address will be emailed to you after booking)

Sisters! We're back! 2018 has unleashed brand new energies and we are back with our first circle of the year. A beautiful new moon in Aquarius AND a partial solar eclipse. Let us come together to channel some of this energy.

This is our Sacred Space. Since the beginning, women have joined together in sacred circles to learn, to share and to celebrate all that makes us who we are. Our Sisters’ Sacred Space is a place for us to come together and share our energies in order to express our highest selves and to bring healing to all aspects of our lives
This group is open to all who identify as female and to all non-binary people.

Through the power of drumming and collective singing, we connect to Nature, to the seasons and the natural cycles of our existence.

By sharing our voices, our magick and our stories we can live our lives more freely, more openly and more lovingly, knowing that we are supported by our fellow sisters.

We will sing sacred medicine songs, chants & mantras.

We will drum and support each other in a safe and loving environment.

There will be a guided meditation, a gong bath and sharing circle.

(No experience necessary)

You are welcome to bring your own drums, shakers, rattles, any instrument you think suitable. Let's make some noise!

Feel free to bring blanket/yoga mats/crystals... anything that will make you feel comfortable.

The New Moon is a symbolic portal for new beginnings and under the New Moon we will set our intentions for the upcoming month.

These are organic events and the structure is tailored to the specific group of the month, sometimes we run a little bit over sometimes we finish a little bit early if your have any queries or need to leave at a certain time please let me know at the beginning of the session.

Much Love,


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